BBB Certified Roofing Company

BBB Certified Roofing Company

What exactly is BBB? The letters BBB stand for Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an NGO that certificates businesses in the ranks of trustworthiness and integrity. Companies apply for BBB certification to gain more customers. This certificate demonstrates that the company is trustworthy and has strong business ethics. This prestigious certification is sought after by businesses to attract quality-seeking consumers. 

BBB Ratings and Factors  

The BBB tracks businesses every year and gives them ratings from A+ to F. The rating of a company depends on some different factors these are: 

  • Years in business 
  • Status of Business licenses. 
  • Consumer feedback 
  • Consumer complaints  
  • Patterns associated with these complaints 
  • Timely response

By having a BBB Certification, the business must maintain trustworthiness and reliability for their customers. This level of excellence keeps businesses on track with quality services and products. 

Why get a BBB certification? 

Businesses must apply and submit public and private information to the BBB to consider certification. The BBB will determine if a company checks all the boxes for reliability and integrity. The board of directors will examine each application and determine if the business meets the qualifications of honesty and quality of products and services. 

After receiving approval of the certification, the BBB will provide the logo so that businesses can place it on the website and business property. The application is worth doing since the benefits of having a BBB certification are significant. By having this certification, the business can increase brand recognition. 

Steps to Apply for BBB Certification 

Depending on the size of a business, is the fee for a BBB evaluation and potential certification. For example, a corporation of 1-4 employees may have an annual fee of $480. But a company with 200+ employees will have a yearly fee of $2/employee. (Source  )

The steps for applying for a BBB certification are simple, but there are some recommendations before a business uses it. 

  • The first step is to review if they meet all the BBB requirements. A business must begin a checklist of factors, such as; trustworthiness, honest marketing, integrity, complaint resolution, responsiveness to consumers, and communication. 
  • In the second step, fill out the initial application form with basic information regarding general business information. After receiving this initial information, the BBB will send out a complete application form to complete wholly and honestly. 
  • The third step, wait for the BBB application evaluation. After reviewing information, the BBB will accredit or not accredit the business. The BBB has an online directory that shows all the companies that have approved the application. However, the BBB will send out a formal letter or email responding to whether the business was accredited or not. 
  • In the fourth step, accredited businesses will then pay the fee for this process, and then they can benefit from the tools provided by the BBB. 

Note: If the BBB did not accredit a business, they would also explain why and suggest a timeline to re-apply. 

Build Trust with BBB Certification 

Are you looking for `roofers near me? Legacy Roofing & Solar is a BBB Certified Roofing contractor that honors integrity and honesty in all business dealings. Satisfied customers rely on their services to protect their property from damages to their roof. This family-owned and operated business values excellence, quality, safety, and community. 


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