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Open Cell

Open cell spray foam is made of partially closed cells. Since open cell spray foam uses minimal chemicals, it usually costs less than closed cell spray foam. This type is ideal for use in attics and walls during residential renovations and constructions.

Besides not shrinking or settling, open cell spray foam offers some key benefits:

Worker spraying open cell insulation

R-values of up to 19

Fast expansion rate

Sound blocking capabilities

Airtight barrier

Vapor retarder

Closed Cell

Containing a lower air content and more compact cells, closed cell spray foam is denser than open cell spray foam. While closed cell spray foam is effective for various residential applications, it’s designed for use on masonry framing and metal buildings. It better protects indoor spaces from moisture, which causes mold and mildew growth. Like open cell spray foam, closed cell spray foam also doesn’t shrink or settle. Its other primary benefits include:

Higher R-values

Higher racking strength

Strong vapor barrier

Easily expanding

Inhibits air leaks

Decreases air and noise travel

Keeps out insects

Minimizes mold and mildew growth

Top 10 Reasons to Use Spray Foam

Here are the top ten reasons why spray foam should be your insulation of choice.

More energy-efficient
Offers monthly cost savings
Prevents mold and mildew growth
Environmentally friendly
Offers insulation, air sealing, and vapor retardation
Versatile material
Improves air quality
Ensures year-round comfort
Sound-proofing capabilities
Technician spraying foam insulation

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